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Wood Pellet Machines
  • 500 kg/h Mobile Wood Pellet Plant

    500 kg/h Mobile Wood Pellet Plant

    Mobile wood pellet plant has small capacity of 500kg/h and flexible working place;We customize wood pellet solutions for both industrial and small farm use.

  • Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine

    Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine

    This type of ring die pellet mill is used for large sale production of wood pellets which are used in home heating,industrial boilers ,large power plants and animal feeding.

  • Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine

    Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine

    The flat die pellet mill with diesed diesel engine is qualified for making pellets for home and small industry use,especially popular in eletricity electricity lacking areas.

  • Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine

    Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine

    The electric flat die pellet mill for making wood pellets is featured by low energy consumption and low noise.Small and light weight make it widely used in home,small farm,and light industrial.

  • Biomass Briquette Machine

    Biomass Briquette Machine

    Biomass briquette machine can process biomass material into solid briquette which meets the EU standard.High heating value and eco-friendly biomass briquettes.

  • Charcoal Briquette Machine

    Charcoal Briquette Machine

    Charcoal briquette machine has wide application in many industries for making a high buring rate and no-pollution fuel.

  • Wood Crusher

    Wood Crusher

    Wood crusher is widely used in woodchip business and fiber board plants for making woodlogs,square logs into wood sawdust.Combining chipping and crushing makes it more energy and labor saving.

  • Wood Hammer Mill

    Wood Hammer Mill

    Wood hammer mill is suitable for coarse and fine grinding of wood chips by changing the distance between hammers and the screen.The material should be less than 50mm.

  • Rotary Drum Dryer

    Rotary Drum Dryer

    Our rotary drum dryer is capable of drying biomass materials like sawdust,wood shavings and coffee husk.Large capacity and good drying performance.

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